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The Fast Seal Model

High speed fabric doors - The Fast-Seal Model

The Door That Revolutionized the Industry

When it was introduced with the first-ever Break-Away™ bottom bar, the Fast-Seal high-speed roll door changed the industry forever. Suddenly, a roll door was able to take a hit without suffering damage.

It is this concept around which the industry has grown, but no other manufacturer has matched the dependability or durability of the Fast-Seal with the original Break-Away bottom bar. Which is why it remains the most popular door on the market today.

Fast – Opens at up to 50 inches per second.

Safety – Dual electric photo eyes in side column and reversing edge in bottom bar. Optional, replaceable window panels for visibility.

Takes a Hit – Break-Away bottom bar repairs quickly without tools.

Easy Installation – Modular construction and pre-wiring allows for quick installation.

Full Tension – Patented System II™ design provides proper counterbalance and tension at all times.

Low Maintenance – System II design comes with a lifetime warranty on all counterweights and tension springs.

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