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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What is wrong if my door will only open about an inch, or two, then stops?

You may have a broken spring. We suggest you contact our office to arrange a service call and we will send one of our qualified technicians to replace it. If you have two springs on your door and one is broken, it is recommended that you replace both springs.

Question 2. Can I put photo cells on my existing opener?

Photo cells are available for many, but not all, older openers. Contact our office to see if your opener is adaptable.

Question 3. Why does my door close completely and then immediately open?

Check for obstructions under the door. If there is nothing under the door your machine’s “forces and limits” may need adjusting. Call our office to arrange a service call.

Question 4. I do not have a standard size opening. Can you get a door to fit?

Yes! There is a very wide range of standard sizes available. We can also special order many products in custom two” increments. Almost anything is possible! Consult our office for details regarding custom sizes.

Question 5. How come my remote has such short range?

Check your battery in your remote control. Transmitters (remotes) are sensitive to voltage and require batteries with full voltage to operate with full range. Do not use rechargeable batteries.


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