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Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint TL-85

Hydraulic vehicle restraint TL-85

Why rely on other approaches to vehicle restraints that could cause damage or that will deteriorate in a relatively short period of time? You and your business model deserve better.

With hydraulic vehicle restraints, you can have the comfort of knowing anything from a delivery can to a large tractor trailer will remain firmly in place as the goods are loaded and unloaded. Along with avoiding damage to the trailer, you also increase the safety factor for the employees who are managing the task. Greater safety translates into being able to complete loading or unloading shipments faster and moving on to other assigned tasks.

The patented Model TL-85 Vehicle Restraint technology centers around a non-impact "swing-up" arm design that is designed to confine a vehicles rear impact guard or ICC bar. Vehicles remain safely stationed at the dock without time consuming and uncertain chocking.

Restraint Systems service the widest range of trucks with rear impact guards to 29" (737mm) above ground and horizontal ranges to 12" (305mm) beyond the face of the dock. Problems with bent ICC bars, lock-up from hook and impact design restraints are eliminated.

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