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A dock leveler is variable grade ramp platform that is designed to be used as a bridge between the loading dock floor surface and the surface of the load bed of a transporter vehicle. A dock leveler allows for safe and efficient loading and unloading of goods to/from a transporter vehicle using forklifts or pallet trucks. A dock leveler must be able to support extremely heavy loads. It must also must be able to service a wide range of load bed heights and accommodate unevenly distributed loads.

Our Dock Leveler incorporates a "floating" rear hinge, otherwise know as Maintained Tilt , that allow the deck plate to tilt to accommodate canted load beds. When integrated with a Vehicle Restraint, the result is a dock leveler solution that reduces movement of the load bed and optimizes safety and efficiency. Our Dock  Leveler is designed to withstand the repeated abuse of dynamic stresses, while maintaining its versatility and structural integrity.

Once installed, your new dock levelers will make loading and unloading an easier task. No matter what type of vehicle arrives at your loading dock, adjusting the ramp so that it fits perfectly and allows for safe access will be a simple task.

We offer a wide range of capacities, deck sizes, deck constructions and both hydraulic and mechanical operation to suit virtually any application, in any environment. Mechanical dock levelers are spring biased upwards and incorporate a hold down mechanism, while hydraulic units are powered by an electro-hydraulic system.

Remember that levelers are not just for loading docks. When you install levelers inside your facility, using lifts or push trucks to haul raw materials or finished goods between departments will be easier since the ramps effectively eliminate the stress caused by trying to move over uneven thresholds between compartments.

Regardless of your application we have the most economical and durable solution at Universal Door.

Dealing with a busy warehouse is one thing but having to hand load a truck because the loading dock does not fit it, is simply the worst. Here at Universal Door & Equipment Ltd, we understand that, and it is part of the reason that we are proud to offer loading dock levelers as part of our business.

Dock levelers are designed to make any loading dock fit a truck and can adjust to even the smallest of vehicles to ensure that safe and efficient loading is possible. Our dock levelers Toronto are hydraulic powered and can carry up to 1000 pounds without an issue. Plus, our dock levelers are quite compact, which means they will fit in even the tightest of quarters or loading bays. From large national chains to local warehouses, we have installed in them all!

Unlike the other guys, Universal Door & Equipment Ltd is a proud repair and installation shop, and when you order one of our Toronto dock levelers, our team will be there to install it. As well, we will be able to go over the operation of it and provide maintenance as needed. From the first install to repairs, the team at Universal Door are the experts in loading dock levelers you can count on

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